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A team of experts that deliver scalable solutions. Mixing Science, Technology and Business.

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ResultElf was started to provide the best optimization solutions that transform data to knowledge, to insights, and on to decisions. To that end, we developed Cresso.

our team

Our core team consists of experienced
experts that have been in your shoes.

ResultElf Team - Jukka

Jukka Suuronen


Jukka is our Industry and Cloud Ecosystem SW Virtuoso. He is ex-Salesforce, ex-Siebel, ex-D&B. He is the founder of Salesforce in Finland and has led the Nordic team to become an engine for growth at Salesforce.

ResultElf Team - Juha

Juha Palomäki

Head of Product

Juha is our AI solution architect with decades of experience. He has worked on large transformation and data science projects with leading banks in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

ResultElf Team - Kenneth

Kenneth Halin

Chief Data Scientist

Kenneth is our mathematics Wizard and in-house serial entrepreneur. He is an expert in mathematical models and AI optimization algorithms.

ResultElf Team - Kalle

Kalle Korenius

Head of Development

Kalle is pure competence when it comes to delivering full-stack solutions. In the last 25Y he has become an expert in commercial software architecture, design and development. What he says he delivers.

ResultElf Team - Sam

Sam Sandqvist

Chief AI Scientist

Sam is our in-house Artificial Intelligence Professor. He holds a Dr. Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and is a published author. He is specialized in AI theory, AI models and simulations.

ResultElf - capabilities

We mix the best of all worlds: Science, Technology and Business.

Our proven capabilities that span industries and functions help you yield maximum results. We specialize in transformation:

  • Digital transformation that will help you operate with speed and results
  • Business transformation that will help you implement strategic plans effectively including turnaround and high growth situations
  • Product and Service transformation that will help to leapfrog your competitors with a fresh technology-based business model
ResultElf - values

Values are our Elf Compass.

  • Care about people first.
  • Obsess about customer value
  • Deliver results.
  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Earn trust.
  • Grow and develop relationships.
  • Make work fun.