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Learning AI: An Intelligent Endeavour

Aug 29, 2020

Does learning AI need intelligence? Yes, of course. The intelligence to recognise that AI is becoming more and more important in every aspect of business and science. Does it need a formal education? No, just intelligence. But how to go about it?


The Menace of AI: Real or Imaginary?

Aug 16, 2020

We all remember that immortal phrase, “I can’t do that Dave,” especially now when it’s almost 20 years after it was purported to have happened. But is the menace real? Are there danger in full-scale deployment of AI systems? Will they ever be moral, adhere to the ethics of society? Or will they go rogue?


AI Everywhere: Applications Galore

Aug 10, 2020

Not only cat videos. I remember well reading about Google’s AI recognising cat videos on the web in an article in WIRED in December 2012. I thought “wow, where is this going?”. Now we know the answer: everywhere.


AI Technologies: Back to Nature

Aug 2, 2020

When it comes to technology, nature was there first. This is true when it comes to intelligence as well, whether artificial or natural. But even if the inspiration for artificial intelligence comes from nature, the implementation does not.


The AI Moment: Era of Augmentation Begins

Jul 27, 2020

Hans Moravec, the futurist, once said ‘Machines find routine human tasks hard. Humans find routine machine tasks hard’. Regardless, the momentum of advances in AI are continuing their path to create augmented world where humans and machines can work together synergistically.


What is Artificial Intelligence Anyway?

Jul 5, 2020

Since intelligence is a nebulous concept, it is clear the artificial intelligence is more so. Let’s delve into the question of what it is, and what it isn’t — and clear up some misconceptions on the way.