Better results faster, in real-time

Set up your objectives and data to take actions in real-time. Predicting, prescribing and acting. Real-time. Integrated. Secure.

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Different data sources integrated to solve real problems.

  • Structured or unstructured data. Elf Engine leverages it all.
  • Integrate the Elf Engine with your siloed tools. Or connect it with your central data warehouse. Pump data to solve real problems.
  • Take advantage of our data wrangling algorithms to accelerate data clean-up and set-up.
ResultElf - prediction

Prediction made easy through competition and machine learning.

  • Predict factors required for your action automation.
  • Make competition between machine learning algorithms easy. Have challenger models run in the background in real-time.
  • Run automatic quality control of each of your model to ensure performance.
  • Let the algorithms learn your business more and more as new data comes in.
ResultElf - optimization

Know all the possible scenarios and choose the one that fits your objectives and constraints every time.

  • Set your objectives and constraints. Make them work together with the predictions.
  • Run billions of scenarios. Optimize each possible action to determine the ones that will help you reach your objectives.
ResultElf - data

Take action and get better results faster. Monitor your results.

  • See performance of your activities in real-time.
  • Run data-driven A-B tests to determine improvements in your process.
  • See each action recommendation and the reasoning behind it.
ResultElf - integrations

Integrate the Elf Engine seamlessly into your existing systems.

  • We are adding new integrations all the time. If a system you care about is not yet here, please request it with our team by scheduling a Demo.
ResultElf - security

Enterprise grade security to keep your data and actions safe on the cloud.

  • We provide regular updates and backup our systems on the cloud.
  • We log every decision logic and action taken.
  • Our solution is cloud agnostic and can be hosted on your preferred provider.
  • Our architecture is scalable and secure. For any concerns on special requests please contact us for clarification.